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Residential Agreement

Please read carefully and type your name to acknowledge. The agreement must be signed before moving into the park.

  1. TERM: The tenancy created by this agreement shall commence on the day of of the acceptance of this agreement and shall continue on a month-to-month basis. This agreement may be terminated at any time by either party by the giving of at least 30 days of prior written notice. Tenant is informed and understands that at some time in the future, the park may be annexed or rezoned for development, such that the tenant may be required to relocate during the term of this agreement. Tenant further understands and agrees that in such an event the tenant may not be entitled to any relocation assistance or any other compensation.

  2. RENT: Tenant agrees to pay the rent on time. The rent is due in advance upon the 1st day of the month and each month thereafter during the term of this agreement. All tenancies will be required to have the first month’s rent and a long term security deposit  paid at the time of move in. If any installment of rent is not  received within five (5) calendar days of its due date, tenants shall pay to the landlord a late fee of $50 and a fee of $5 will be charged on each subsequent day that the rent is not received. Returned checks are subject to a $50.00 charge. Subsequent to a returned check further rent payments must be paid by a valid credit or a debit card only. Parties agree that such charges represent a fair and reasonable estimate of the cost the landlord may incur by reason of tenant’s failure to pay rent as scheduled. The rental amount includes all utility charges except electricity which will be billed separately.

  3. SECURITY DEPOSIT: Tenant shall deposit with the landlord the sum of $750 as a security deposit.

  4. USE: The space is rented for tenant’s private, residential occupancy only. All trailers and RVs must, at all times, comply with all legal requirements for occupancy within the park and must comply with the Health and Safety standards. A copy of the current registration and insurance must be sent by email or in paper form to the park office. There is to be only one trailer per rented space and only one connection to the electrical connection to the park supply. The connection of extension cords to the park electrical equipment is strictly prohibited. Management will be inspecting sites on a regular basis and provide corrective action notices to tenants in case of any issues. NO OPEN FIRE OR WOOD BURNING ALLOWED IN THE SITE. Only UL listen propane equipment such as barbecues are allowed.

  5. SITE MAINTENANCE: Tenants are responsible for keeping your site clean. Use a blower or a broom; do not hose off your site. Dispose of any dog/cat fecal matter and weed the general area. All plants must be in containers. Tenants must obtain approval from the management before changing any landscaping in their site including adding stairs, decks, wooden structures, fences, tan bark, pavers, etc. Tenants are responsible for keeping their site clean. Maintenance employees may go into the site to perform work or check on issues such as broken hoses, landscaping, or sewer problems. Tenants are responsible for ensuring that in the event of any repairs, that all articles in the path of repair be cleared to ensure maintenance and repairs can be performed. RVs can only be washed after obtaining approval from management at a fee of $12. Please remember to conserve water.

  6. VEHICLE REPAIRS :   No Significant vehicle repairs, restorations, or oil changes permitted on park premises. Vehicle oil and fluid leaks of any including transmission, brakes, etc., must be repaired within (7) seven days of occurrence, Otherwise the vehicle may not be parked anywhere on the premises until it is fixed. Vehicles that leak fluids and which are not repaired within (7) seven days, will be towed at owner’s expense. Tenant is responsible for any, and all leaks deposited on park premises and is required to clean any spills within (7) seven days that includes visitor parking, roadway, driveway and entire area within the rented space.

  7. SPEED LIMIT :    The speed limit in the park is 5 MPH and is strictly enforced  Repeating violators will be prohibited from bringing their vehicles onto the park’s property and will be restricted to parking on adjacent public roadways. Receiving (3) three or more speeding “violations” in any twelve-month period is cause for termination of tenancy.

  8. PARKING:   Each space is permitted to park (1) one automobile in addition to the trailer/ R.V.  which must be parked within the rented space. Two (2) vehicles may park in the space , only if the R.V. space can accommodate two (2) vehicles. Tenants may not have more than two (2) vehicles parked on the premises on a permanent basis. Any vehicle, other than those authorized by the landlord within the designated areas will be subject to towing and towing charges pursuant to vehicle code section 22658. No boats, additional RVs or trailers may park or be stored on the rented space, or anywhere in the park. All vehicles within the park must have current tags and be kept operational. Only those tenants assigned to “RESERVED'' parking may park in these spaces. All other vehicles parked in the reserved parking are subject to tow at their expense. The parking areas for the rooms are to be used only during the time the tenant is doing laundry. Any other long-term parking in these areas is prohibited. Vehicles in violation of this restriction are subject to being towed. Roadways are marked with fire lanes and  must be kept clear at all times, except for a brief few minutes for loading or unloading. Any vehicle in violation of this restriction will be towed.

  9. PAYMENT AND NOTICES: All monies and/or notices to be delivered under this agreement shall be delivered by email to or by mail to 4210 Monterey Road, Trailer Park Office, San Jose, CA 95111 or in person to the on-site Managers. Notices to the tenant shall be delivered to the tenant's rental premises or electronically by email or in person.

  10. POSSESSION:   If Tenant vacates or abandons the rental premises, Landlord may terminate this Agreement and regain lawful possession in the manner provided by California Law.

  11. SUBLETTING & ASSIGNING:    No Subletting, assigning or other transfer of occupancy rights is allowed. Any trailer or R.V.  changing ownership must be removed within seven (7) days after the transfer.

  12. UTILITIES:  Tenant is responsible for the payment of electricity usage and charges, which is billed by Submeter Solutions based on usage calculated by smart meters for your site. The Tenant is responsible for keeping current with their electric bill by making sure payments are made on time. The park provides water, sewer, and garbage services to the tenants.

  13. INSURANCE & LOSSES: Tenant is responsible for carrying all appropriate insurance on his/her property. Landlords and its agents are not responsible for any loss due to fire, theft, accidents, weather, or acts of God. Tenant agrees to hold Landlord and its agents harmless from any and all losses, damages, or claims arising out of injuries received by any person in, upon or about the premises. Tenants are required to provide copies of the current vehicle and RV registration and insurance to the park management. These documents are to be provided to the park management upon moving in and updated documents must be provided on an ongoing basis as required.

  14. WAIVER:    The waiver of any breach of this agreement shall not be construed to be a continuing waiver of any subsequent breach.

  15. VALIDITY/SEVERABILITY:    If any provision of this Agreement held to be invalid, such invalidity shall not affect the validity or enforceability of any other provision of this agreement.

  16. ATTORNEY’S FEES:      In any action arising out of the Agreement, the prevailing party shall be entitled to reasonable attorney’s fees and costs from the losing party.

  17. AMENDMENTS:     This Agreement may be amended, modified, or changed by the Landlord upon written notice to Tenant given seven (7) days before the effective date of such change. Tenants may not amend, modify, or change this Agreement without the express written consent of the Landlord.

  18. ENTIRE AGREEMENT:      The Rental Application, the Rental Agreement and the park Rules & Regulations, attached hereto, shall constitute the entire agreement of the parties hereto regarding the premises. No promise, representation, warranty, or covenant, not included in this Agreement, has been, nor is to be relied upon, by any party hereto.

  19. ACKNOWLEDGEMENT:      Tenant Acknowledges receipt of a complete copy of this Agreement, all attachments hereto, including the park Rules & Regulations,



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